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Friday, May 11, 2012

New WTO Notification: G/SPS/N/THA/204

Category: Certification
Notification Date: 05/04/2012
Final Comment Date: 07/02/2012
Documents Link: http://bit.ly/1aAnMYL

Draft MOPH Notification entitled "Production Processes, Production Equipments, and Foods Storages for Prepared foodstuff. 1. Pre-packaged food, other than those specified MOPH Notification (No. 193) B.E. 2543 (2000) entitled "Production Processes, Production Equipment, and Food Storage, are required to be in accordance with "Good Manufacturing Practices" which cover the following items: (1) Premises and production building; (2) Tools and equipment used in the production process; (3) Processing control; (4) Sanitation; (5) Maintenance and cleaning; (6) Personnel and personnel hygiene. Manufacturers of these foods are required to be in accordance with a specified production method. Tools and equipment used in the production and storage process shall comply with the good manufacturing practices specified in this notification. Importers shall provide certificate of compliance of the requirements set forth in this notification. #WTOSPS