Welcome to the official website for the Industry Section of the WWTG - comprised of industry representatives from wine producing countries around the world. Our Vision is for "a successful, competitive and growing global wine industry, characterized by social responsibility, sustainability and focus on consumer interests, operating in a climate free of trade-distorting factors." Please use this website to learn more about WWTG's government/private sector initiatives, industry news and our other efforts promoting free and responsible international trade in wine.

Meetings & Statements

Below: Delegates on a study tour of Bagrationi winery during the successful 2014 WWTG Plenary Meeting in Tbilisi, Georgia.

At its meetings, the WWTG Industry Section has produced a number of statements concerning various aspects of the international wine trade. These are provided to the WWTG Government Section and the general public. For convenience, we have also included links to some of the agreements reached by the governments of the WWTG at the various meetings. To view statements from previous meetings, please click on the appropriate link below:

Country, CityDatesStatements
Argentina, Mendoza25-26 Mar. 19991
Chile, Santiago4-5 Oct. 19992, 3, 4, 5
New Zealand, Queenstown27-29 Feb. 20002, 3, 4, 5
USA, Sonoma, California3-5 Oct. 2000...
Australia, Adelaide9-11 Apr. 20012, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Canada, Toronto16-19 Dec. 20013, 4, 5, 6
South Africa, Cape Town1-3 Jul. 20028, 9
Argentina, Mendoza2-4 Dec. 20028
Switzerland, Geneva2-4 Apr. 20032
Chile, Concón6-7 Nov. 2003...
USA, Washington, D.C.9 Dec. 2004Informal session
New Zealand, Auckland28 Feb. – 2 Mar. 20055, 10
Chile, Santiago10-11 May 2005...
Belgium, Brussels27-29 Mar. 2006Govt. drafting session
USA, Washington D.C.4-7 Jul. 2006...
Australia, Canberra22-24 Jan. 2007...
Japan, Tokyo31 Oct. – 1 Nov. 2007...
Canada, Kelowna25-27 Jun. 2008...
Belgium, Brussels9-10 Mar. 2009...
South Africa, Cape Town23-25 Sep. 200911
Belgium, Brussels25-26 Mar. 2010...
Argentina, Mendoza13-15 Oct. 2010...
Belgium, Brussels25-26 Mar. 2011...
Chile, Santiago19-21 Oct. 201112
Belgium, Brussels22-23 Mar. 201210
USA, San Francisco11-13 Jul. 2012Govt. drafting session
New Zealand, Auckland7-9 Nov. 201213, 10
Belgium, Brussels21-22 Mar. 201310, 14
USA, Washington, D.C.7-8 Nov. 201310
Belgium, Brussels10-11 Apr. 2014
Georgia, Tbilisi26-27 Aug. 201415(a)
Belgium, Brussels30 Apr. –  1 May 2015
Australia, Adelaide9-11 Nov. 2015
Belgium, Brussels21-22 Apr. 2016
Canada, Ottawa3-5 Oct. 20162, 10
Belgium, Brussels12-13 Apr. 2017
 Cape Town, South Africa             1-3 Nov. 2017                                 15(b)

Key to the Statements Column Above:

1. Mission Statement
2. Geographical Indications - 5 statements
3. Import Duties - 4 statements
4. SPS, TBT & TRIPS - 4 statements
5. Subsidies - 5 statements
6. Codex Alimentarius - 2 statements
7. Wine for Wine - 1 statement
8. APEC - 2 statements
9. Sustainable Winegrowing - 1 statement
10. World Health Organization - 6 statements
11. Regulatory Framework for Wine in the Global Market - 1 statement
12. Process and Principles for Sustainability Labelling - 1 statement
13. Governments' Statement on Wine Industry Sustainability Labelling
14. OECD Studies Into Alcohol
15 (a). Tbilisi Statement on Analytical Methodology and Regulatory Limits on Constituents and Potential Contaminants in Wine. Español. 中国語.
15(b). 2017 Cape Town Statement on Regulatory Principles for Wine
16. The 2017 Arrangement on Information Exchange, Technical Cooperation and Counterfeiting

Other Statements
WWTG Industry Section Statement On the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Negotiations.