WWTG Intersessional

London, April 11-12, 2019

General Documents


Transportation Links

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Day 1

WWTG General Overview: Argentina

EU Crop Protection: United States

WWTG Website Database (Under construction) and presentation: United States

WWTG Oenological Practices Matrix: United States

Brexit update. Presentation by the UK Wine and Spirits Trade Association

Day 2

International Wine Technical Summit website and draft agenda: United States

APEC Wine Regulatory Forum: Chile

Strategic Review

Argentina (Joint) Strategic Review

Australia: Industry and Government Strategic Review

Canada’s Strategic Review

New Zealand (Joint) Strategic Review

United States (Joint) Strategic Review

Terms of Reference of the Strategic Review

Documents for discussion

Wine Regulatory Coherence Agreement Proposal (with comments)

Australia Grape and Wine Trade and Market Access Report

Industry Section Plant Protection Products letter to the EU and response

Final WWTG letter on traditional terms (as agreed in London)

Final WWTG letter on environmental footprint (as agreed in London)

Good Regulatory Principles: Revised principle 3 for consideration. Summary of comments on revised principle 3 and any new principles and new proposal for revised principle 3

FIVS Abridge Manual

WWTG letter sent to Codex Secretary

General background documents

2018 Neuquen Industry (English/Spanish) and Government (English only) Reports

WWTG Twentieth Year Anniversary Commemoration Statement

Neuquen Good Regulatory Principles

Trade and Market Access Report 2018